Have a Happy Howliday!

Posted on 12 December 2016


It’s the season of bright lights, chilly nights and fun times with loved ones. I personally enjoy it when my human invites other humans over for holiday get-togethers and feasts, especially if they have a drink or two and drop any of the said feast down for me to chew on.

Sometimes though, I feel the holidays can stand to be a little more canine inclusive. With my human so busy with shopping for gifts and attending social events – I always wished I could also have something festive to commemorate the most wonderful time of the year.

I’ve also wanted to meet this hefty human they call Santa Claus. We hear that this red-suited man reads the wish-lists of all the good boys and girls across the globe –  and I’ve been told I’m the best boy in the whole world! (My furry friends said their humans say the same thing to them, but that’s a subject matter for another time…)

I thought, why don’t us pups – who I believe have been extra good this year, comforting their humans in the chaotic year that is 2016 – deserve a special treat from Santa too? But, until he can accommodate half a billion more doggie gifts on his sleigh I thought I’d be best to get to work and create two special edition holiday hats for my four-legged friends.

Without the help of any elves and any cutting-edge machinery, I made the Holiday Star - a tree-shaped beanie with red and white ‘ornaments’ and a sunny yellow star on top. Any pooch will feel merry and bright in this festive attention-grabbing design. Who knows, maybe humans might even be tempted to drop presents underneath you? The other is our most warming and toasty item yet – the So Adeerable – a Bambi-esque stunner that’s so cute, it can pass off as a Snapchat filter. The covered neck gives it an added layer of warmth that is hard to come by. I’ve made this piece in gray, red and beige to suit pups of all colors.

Every season at Docga Couture we innovate ways to help pets adapt to the changes in temperature, while making sure they feel good and look good. Winter is definitely one of our favorite seasons to experiment with cheerful holiday designs and different materials that are snuggly and warm. The holidays hats are paw-made with pure cotton to ensure utmost comfort and no itchiness.

One question we always get from humans though is: do dogs really need clothes when it’s cold?

It’s true that some dogs have fur that provides insulation – think huskies or Bernese mountain dogs, but shorter-haired pups and smaller breeds do feel colder in the winter. Some are not genetically suited to the climate they may have been transported to as well. At Docga Couture, we know that every pup is different and we encourage humans to be well informed of their dog’s breed and also pay attention to their pup’s personal preferences. Chihuahuas and Italian greyhounds for example, are extra prone to the shivers. Age also pays a factor, with very young puppies and more senior dogs feeling chilly easily. Tell that to your human the next time they tell you to do your business in the snow!

Asides from the chill factor, pups feel calmer with an added layer of clothing during anxious holiday situations like New Year’s fireworks. I know I do. 

So, until we ring in 2017 we hope all the good boys and girls over the world get to spend the holidays with their beloved humans and puppy pals and eat lots of treats!

Wishing you a very yappy holiday from Docga Couture.


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