Trend Report: Fundamental Fashion for Docga Couture's Fall/Winter Line

Posted on 01 February 2018

We don’t want to get started with how busy 2017 was for us. My humans got married, so I temporarily diverted my interests from petwear to floral arrangements and cake tastings. After months of planning and preparation, they tied the knot and it was the greatest day of our lives.

It has been a series of new beginnings for us and now we are ready to roll for 2018! We are super excited for this cold cold weather as it is by far our most favorite season. Why? Because it’s all about trendy outerwear. When else do dogs have an excuse to wear chic coats and plush sweaters and truly express our style? Pooches never get first dibs on runway ensembles or even cool casualwear - those seem to only be reserved for our human friends. I am always challenging the status quo when it comes to a dog’s right to style so I put my thinking hat on and crafted two distinct outerwear pieces that will get every pooch’s tail wagging. 


Where East meets West: The Floral Bomber Jacket

We know the current political climate has been ruff, but we also know at times of panic and discord, it’s a pup’s job to act as the peacemakers, and add a healthy and much needed dose of joy and love into the world.

Driven by the idea of bringing different cultures together and creating something in vogue yet a little unexpected, I designed the floral bomber jacket. My oriental spin on the embroidery trend and the All-American military inspired bomber jacket is symbolic of two worlds intertwining as one. The silk-like material and fine floral needlework juxtaposed with the practical functionality of the bomber jacket makes this stylish piece undeniably one of a kind.

This style has been “it” item for many of the tastemakers in the fashion industry including Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci and Fendi. And now, thanks to my puplic service, my furry friends get to enjoy this hot off the runway look.


The Perfect Puparazzi Cover: The Comfortably Cool Hoodie

The beloved doggos of Hollywood celebrities and starlets know what I’m talking about. For you, your human might be your one and only, but when they are casually out and about it seems that everyone wants a piece of them. Camera flashes and countless selfie requests later, we occasionally find our mugs and posteriors featured alongside our famous best friend in tabloids and gossip websites. And while our humans looks cool and collected with their aviators and hoodies, we are often left open and completely exposed. How embarrassing!

That’s when I got the idea to design the quintessential celebrity staple for pets, the classic hoodie. My clientele include some of New York’s biggest movers and shakers – or should I say walkers and waggers – but these famed fur babies aren’t the only ones who will benefit from chic athleisure gear. This warm and versatile piece is made for every tommy, doggy and hairy in a range of colors including grey, coral, blue and pink.

Docga Couture's Fall/Winter line has something for every canine, whether you want to keep it casual or go the trendy route on your dogscapades. Until we drop our next line, enjoy being a part of our fashion pack!

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