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Hey friend. Welcome to my Fashion House!

No, not there, look down...I’m down here!

Yep. I’m the founder of Docga Couture. I might look fluffy and too paw-some to do anything but play fetch and chomp on chew toys, but I’m the real brain behind this ingenious designer line of doggie-wear.  

How did a canine create couture clothing? Let me tell you how it all began.

It was the first day of fall in New York. I hopped off a yellow cab on Fifth Avenue with my tail wagging high in hopes to get a coat that was unique, comfortable and totally me.

I excitedly pitter-pattered along the famed flagship stores of my favorite designers, but my wide-eyed wonder of being in the fashion capital quickly dissipated. I realized there was nothing in store for my four-legged frame.

I tucked in my tail and planned to call it quits, until I passed by a stroller carrying a little human. She was wearing a soft and pretty pinafore dress. The little human giggled at me, she looked happy – and then hit me.  She’s about my size isn’t she? I pondered, why couldn’t I make something like that for me, and all my furry pals?

Now, we appreciate everything our humans do for us, and we’d do anything for them. We wear polyester costumes for something called ‘Instagram’ – and for ‘Halloween’ we go door-to-door with them donning taffeta tutus and synthetic wigs to collect treats we can’t even eat!

We do love all the attention our cute outfits get us, especially when it involves blissful belly rubs. But the scratchy feel of acrylic? We hate it! And you can imagine with over 300 million olfactory receptors, we’re able to sniff out that artificial stench from a mile away.

Thus, Docga Couture was born, with the vision that all dogs deserve to look and feel their best. The outfits you’ll find here use the finest fabrics that complement our adorableness yet feel amazing to wear. When it comes to your best friend, would you even consider anything less?   

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